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By day… A beautiful island set in the cobalt blue sea, iconic buildings in the midst of verdant green

By night… A city energised by neon lights, that never goes to sleep

24/7… A virtual world of adrenaline pumping action, and never-ending entertainment

What's Up


We can’t wait to tell you about our exciting alliance with GEB Entertainment on NFTs, films and much more. Watch this space for our announcement in September.


Learn about the street culture of Tokyo through the lens of Japanese photographer, director and techno producer, Hideyoshi. The photo exhibition starts in August.


Fashion, music and art are simply the start of a multi-pronged collaboration with Magoo Del Mundo to showcase the best of Philippine arts in October.


What better way to celebrate Halloween than a Horror Film Festival. Come dressed as vampires, zombies or monsters, and enjoy a scary time in October.

Where Creativity Meets Technology

From music to films, games to art, Stardust is a city of endless entertainment. Employing the best of virtual world building and Web3 technologies, we strive to create a world where artists can meet their fans to share their creative magic.

Where Virtuality Meets Reality

More than just an entertainment platform, Stardust is a virtual world we can live, work and play in. By opening up our land to creators and businesses, we incorporate real world functionality, delivering digital as well as real world goods and services to our users.

The Constellation

Chan Gin Kai

Co founder & CEO

Choo Ging Yang

Co founder & COO

Sameer Rai

Co founder & CMO

Dr. Aaron Poh

Co founder

Star Trail

May 2022

  • Phase 1 of development work begins: Building Downtown (Central District) & Blockchain Development

June 2022

  • Dome completed
  • Hosted our partner’s virtual seminar,, featuring a Nobel Laureate as the Keynote Speaker

July 2022

  • Soft launch & contract / MOU signing with 10 government agencies, association & companies in Manila

August 2022

  • Gallery completed
  • Sydney office established
  • Hosting photo exhibition of Hideyoshi (Japan) in the Gallery

September 2022

  • Arena to be completed
  • Announce collaboration with GEB Entertainment in Kuala Lumpur

October 2022

  • Shops, Offices & Cafes to be completed
  • Soft launch & MOU signing in Tokyo

November 2022

  • Library & NeoManila Phase 1 to be completed
  • Land Sales Pre-Launch
  • First virtual concert with independent music label from USA

December 2022

  • Academy & Theater to be completed
  • Land Sales Launch
  • Stardust’s Official Launch

Technology Behind Stardust

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